Falcon Steel Buildings’ combine time honored portal-frame-building principles with state of the art design and cutting-edge manufacturing to produce what we regard as the most economical form of building space available anywhere.

We only use high-tensile steel in our building frames – this allows larger ‘spans’ to be overcome with less steel, whilst ensuring the highest structural integrity.

Our computer aided design and manufacturing process drastically reduces waste such as off-cuts whilst removing the possibility of human error, and allows our steel framed buildings to be efficiently tailored to any number of configurations and finishes.

  • Fast, affordable, secure and fully guaranteed against rust or leaks.
  • Fully hot-dip galvanized – complete frame and all secondary members.
  • Compliant with building regulations and British Standard BS5950 & BS6399.
  • Reduced lead in times and straight forward assembly are assured thanks to cutting-edge design and manufacturing.

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