Your American Barn, to your size and specification, at an unbeatable price!

34a A true ‘American Style Barn’ is essentially three buildings rolled in to one, with a lofty central barn, usually flanked by a lower level ‘lean-to’ along each side. As well as being much more interesting to look at, this design has many practical advantages and lends itself to any number of internal layouts and uses. American barns are also usually more well received by planners and others affected by its construction.

Unlike other American Barn designers, each of our steel barns is individually designed to customer requirements, meaning you can have your American Barn construction exactly as you want it. Whether you require an extra wide lean-to at each side, different width, height or length lean-tos, a taller cetral barn, or doors in every bay, our cutting edge design and efficient manufacturing process allows us to cost effectively customise every aspect of your building.


  • Equestrian Barns: With a roller or sliding door at each end, the taller central section
    provides a light, airy space and ample ventilation between stables housed in the lean tos. An upper mezzanine floor may also be installed to serve any purpose from hay loft, to kitchen, shower rooom, or even living accomodation. At ground level we can configure partition walls to provide internal stables, a secure tack room, or anything that is requested. Stables doors can be positioned to open in to the central barn, or in the outer walls to open externally.
  • Garage: A stylish and versatile triple garage to store even the biggest toys; the
    taller middle section can be designed to accomodate anything from a tractor, to caravan storage, or even boat storage. The lower lean-to sections provide ample car storage space, whilst keeping the overall profile of the building to a minimum.
  • Home Office, Gym, General Storage Barn: The options are limitless; two garages and a gym with office above; garage, workshop, two storey annexe…
  • Dogs, Cats, Pigeons, Pets: Kennels, Pigeon loft etc with covered central work area; offices above.

Our steel amecian barns are available fully erected, or as as self assembly barn kits, and provide a cost effective, more durable alternative to timber barns.