Home & Garden Buildings

Our garden buildings and garages deliver all the advantages of a pre-engineered solution, combined with a dedicated range of finishes and cladding materials to achieve the look you want, and ensure your steel building compliments its intended setting.  Unlike other prefabricated buildings, every one of our steel framed home and garden buildings are individually designed and available in any combination of size, shape, doors, windows and insulation.

A Falcon Steel Building is the perfect alternative to inefficient, expensive and time consuming traditional construction methods such bricks and mortar, and the perfect antidote to unreliable tradesmen! Our typical steel garages and workshops can be delivered to your door and erected easily in one day by our teams, slashing both labour and material costs whilst significantly reducing the carbon emissions associated with the project. Even greater savings can be made by those who take the self-assembly option, by purchasing a kit building.

Industrial grade durability and security come as standard with all Falcon Steel Buildings. In fact, the only way our residential steel buildings usually differ from their commercial counterpart is in their outward appearance, and of course their size and shape. We can adjust all dimensions in millimetre increments to utilise every bit of precious space you have available, and our buildings can be designed in stand alone or lean-to configurations.


For the most economical yet highly durable finish, our standard galvanized steel cladding materials are available in a wide range of colour combinations, and with the option to mix and match colours between the building’s side and roof sheeting as well as flashings to any corners, window and door openings or reveals, we can tailor your building to compliment most residential settings and achieve the look you want at no additional cost to you.

Bespoke cladding options such as cement based composites, rockpanel, gyproc, weatherboard, render, natural timber and UPVC  can be utilised, in profiles such as shiplap, feather-edge boarding and open-vee.



Why settle for an off the shelf “one size fits all” solution? Our team is ready and waiting to design your customised steel building:

  • Garden Buildings Double Garage
  • Garages
  • Garden Workshops
  • Bike Sheds
  • Garden Offices
  • Steel Storage Buildings
  • Garden Sheds
  • Garden Storage
  • Shed Stores
  • Prefabricated Garages

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