Kit Buildings Engineered to Your Requirements.

Know someone who can?

Our pre-engineered Steel Kit Buildings are designed to eliminate guess work and make assembly achievable by anyone who is reasonably practical using not much more than a couple of spanners and a power drill with the correct drive bit, although depending on the overall height of your building, further access equipment may be necessary.


Because our building frames are engineered in high-tensile steel, much lighter ‘sections’ are required to achieve the same structural strength. This superior strength-to-weight ratio produces significantly lighter frames (and prices), and crucially means the vast majority of our framing members are easily handled by either one or two people without the need for specialist lifting equipment. Where site access it limited, the ability to manually transport your building kit from the roadside without the need for specialist handling equipment or plant presents many benefits.

Our automated manufacturing process ensures all holes are in the correct positions and components align easily every time. All windows, doors and openings etc come complete with flashings, junctions, fixings and seals as necessary.

Your Falcon Steel Kit Building will be delivered to you with all pre-fabricated components wrapped for protection and ease of handling, plus fully labelled ready for cross reference with your assembly manual, and we guarantee you’ll receive a complete kit right down to the last screw.

We look forward to designing your perfect pre-fabricated steel kit building for any purpose.

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